Student Spotlight 7 - Tomoe Takamura
Student Spotlight 6 - Chihiro Yamada
Student Spotlight 5 - Sarah
Student Spotlight 4 - Saori Takeda
Student Spotlight 3 - Keiko Ishinomori
Student Spotlight 2 - Ayame Houdzuki
Student Spotlight 1 - Kasumi Nakano
School Announcements
About Page Updated
March 22, 2014 13:05:12

The About page features a new description, better explaining the school and its amenities.

The photography club has gotten new cameras, so look forward to upgraded images. I'll also whip this sad bunch of writers I've got into producing some new writing content too!

Faculty Page Updated
March 19, 2014 10:27:09

The faculty page has now been updated with staff photographs. The teacher’s emails should also be up to date.

In other news, the Art Alliance will be hosting a demo show on watercolors. Be sure to drop by the art studio after class for a chance to make a masterpiece!

Parent Visits Rescheduled
March 18, 2014 14:59:38

If you received an email regarding school holidays, please note that, due to scheduling conflicts, we have postponed Parent Visits until a later date. We are currently working on an agreeable day, and an email will be sent to all parents when it has been decided.

In the meantime, we have yet another Student Spotlight up!

Minor Site Updates
March 17, 2014 13:05:19

Below are a list of updates:

  • Small security updates to student and staff accounts. Changes may be viewed on log-in.
  • The new Calendar tab has been added to student accounts. Your professors may post due dates and class updates there.
  • User Interface has been fixed for the Transcript tab.
  • Student Spotlight page has been updated.

Please log in to your accounts and take the time to look over some of the changes.

March 16, 2014 16:08:28

To all visitors: We apologize for the earlier post. Our system was infiltrated during a routine update, but we are sorting out the situation right now. The persons responsible have been identified and are being reprimanded.

The Student Spotlight page has been updated and should now work properly.